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How much does a Mariachi band Charge?

This is probably the most asked question; how much is a mariachi band per hour? and even though it sounds like a straight forward question, it actually requires a bit more of information in order to determine an exact price. There are three basic pieces of information required in order to determine a price; Date, City and number of hours. But, in order to get an exact number, please get a quote

What date do you need the mariachi group for?

The date of your event is important because not all dates are priced the same. For example, weekdays might be a bit less expensive or we may offer shorter performance lengths or even lower number of musicians and thus reducing the price a little. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are the busiest of the week and therefore they are priced at regular price. Also, there are some specific dates that due to its high demand are priced differently. Examples of those dates are; Valentines Day, Mother's day, Father's Day, 4th of July, September 15th and 16th, Thanksgiving day, December 11th and 12th, Christmas and New Years. So, as you can see, a date does fluctuate a mariachi band price per hour.

How many hours of mariachi music do you need?

Of course the more hours you need the higher the price, but we usually offers discounts for second, third or fourth hours. So, if you know you need the band for 3 or more hours, you should let us know, that way we can give you a good price.

In which city do you want to hire mariachis?

Due to the nature of this business we take several cities as local without any price change. Usually, any city within 25 miles around NYC is considered local, and we do travel around many times in one single Saturday There are some exemptions depending on the cities, for example in NYC parking fees are a bit high, and often times hard to find. But, besides that distance is probably the main factor in determining price out of the 5 boroughs in NY. For example; traveling to Atlantic city, makes it a bit pricey, due to transportation fees, tolls, and the time invested in traveling! Distance also affects availability since a job in Syracuse NY would take all day, if we have booked a single job in the Bronx, it would make it very difficult to travel back a forth in one day!

What time do you need the mariachi band at?

Time affects mostly availability. When we book events we make sure to leave sufficient time to travel from one place to another. For example, if we've booked an event in Passaic NJ from 5pm to 6pm and another customer wishes to book an event at 6pm in Newark NJ, then we wouldn't be able to do it at 6pm but rather we would offer you 7pm in order to be with you on time. Even though it takes about 25 minutes to travel from Passaic to Newark we would still take a full hour in between due to traffic, and other factors such as leaving one place and moving to the next. In this way we make sure we are never late to any of our jobs.

As you can see the question can't be answered so easily, but you can get a Fast Quote clicking the button below, and get a precise price. Don't worry, it is not very expensive and it is very affordable, many people hire our mariachi band very often, and if they can afford us, I'm sure you can too.

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