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There is always a reason to celebrate and in most of these celebrations it is a great moment to celebrate with a local mariachi band. It doesn't matter if you are in New Jersey, Connecticut or New York we will drive down to your house, or preferred place to celebrate. To us, the metro area is as local as home.

These types of celebrations mentioned below are very busy, and thus we recommend that you secure a spot as soon as possible because they will book pretty fast.


It is very common that the bride and groom wish to have a mariachi band play their favorite music at their anniversary, just like when they got married 50, or 60 years ago. We've been hired on many occasions But, often young married couples also love to celebrate with Mariachi music, when they celebrate their 5th, 10th or 20th anniversary. Some customers even hire us on a yearly basis on their special day.

Baby Showers

It is also very common to hire a mariachi band for baby showers, we've done baby showers just abut every where, from New York, to New Jersey and Connecticut. There is something special about having live mariachi music for events that bring amazing changes to our lives.


A person that loves mariachi music will do so until their last days, and often it is the wish of many of our loved ones; to have a mariachi band at their funeral. Thru the years we've helped many of our loved customers with these harsh moments that life bring us.


Traditionally baptisms are a way to celebrate a new beginning, and family must be gathered for this great moment. For many decades celebrating baptisms with a Mariachi band has been a tradition and like all good traditions; they never end.

Family Reunions

Yes, many clients hire us just because they know family members will visit. Especially if they will visit from other states or country. So the answer is yes, if family members are visiting why not treat them with live mariachi music.


It is extremely common to celebrate just about anything in a park or backyard. From birthday parties to a simple get together for a BBQ. And if you love mariachi music, we can also perform at parks, we've done for years and it is always a hit, we really recommend this for your next picnic.

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