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If you are looking for a mariachi band for hire, we can help you. We understand that, for many of our clients, renting a mariachi band can be a task they have never done before. For that reason, here are some of the most frequent questions our customers ask.

How much is a mariachi band?

How much does a mariachi band costs is our most frequent asked question. Mariachi band prices might sounds like a simple question, but in reality there are different things to take in consideration. And just like any other professional business several factors affect price. We had to create a new page to explain this in more detail.


Mariachi band prices

Can I pick the songs?

Yes! You can pick the songs you wish us to perform. In fact, if you are familiar with Mexican mariachi music we encourage you to make a list and we will be happy to pick songs from that list. If you are not familiar with mariachi music you don't have to make a list and we will play songs depending on the type of event. Don't worry we have a lot of experience and we will pick the best songs for your event.

Do you charge per hour or per song?

Most of the time charge per hour. A common questions is how many songs we play in one hour. In one hour we play an average of 15-16 songs depending on the length of the songs requested. (Some songs last longer than others) But we do not count songs, we play per hour.
Also, in some occasions, especially from Monday thru Thursdays only, we get requested to play just 1, 2 or 3 songs either at offices or especial events. For that reason, we do have a package of 5 songs or less. But as mentioned before it only applies if they happen from Monday thru Thursday.

What payment methods do you accept?

Deposits can be made via, Zelle or checks. For balances due the date of event, cash is preferable and we do not take personal checks as final balance.

I called or emailed and no one is answering

If you are calling on a weekend it will be hard for us to answer calls or e-mails since we are busy performing. If you must reach us on a weekend the best way would be to send a text to (914)720-7741 and specify your name, date of event, and city. Also specify if you are inquiring about price or if you already have a reservations with us.

Do you travel to my city?

We get this question quiet frequently, and it is a very valid question. Please follow the links below to check your city:




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