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If you are planning to rent a mariachi band in NY, NJ or CT for your wedding, you are in the right pace. In order for weddings to be successful, you need to hire a mariachi band that can communicate clearly, that are strict on timing and are absolutely committed to your event. Hiring a mariachi band near you, it's easy and we feel honored to be considered part of the entertainment for your wedding; we will do our best in order for your event to be a success!

Mariachi band performing at wedding in NJ

Rent a mariachi band for your wedding in NY

Our Mariachi band has performed in hundreds of wedding ceremonies, and cocktail hours, all over New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, which means that we have the experience to make this special day a great one. Furthermore, we will listen to your needs and communicate what we have learned through the years. We will be strict with being on time; and we will dressed and behave as the most professional mariachi band possible! We are committed to delivering exactly what the bride and groom have imagined since day one.


When you decide to hire our mariachi band you will be helped by one of our mangers, who are also members of the Mariachi band. Your ideas will be taken seriously and if you are not very familiar with Mexican Mariachi Music we will help you with the song selection process.

Mariachi band with bride and groom in NY

Once you are ready to rent our mariachi band, and you have received notice of our availability, we will send you a link to our agreement, which can be easily signed online and in less than 2 minutes you can have a contract signed and archived. It is that easy!

But please, don’t wait until the last minute to hire our mariachi band, we have had many brides contact us with excellent time in advance, but failed to book, only to find later that their date got completely booked. Weekends get very busy and just like the church and the caterer, mariachi bands needs to get hired first. So, please call us or check if your date is available and get a Fast Quote Above.

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