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How to hire a Mariachi band

For many people hiring a mariachi band is something that they have never done before. But don't worry, the process is very simple and we will help you during this process. If you've come this far, most likely you need to know the cost and whether we are available for your date or not! In order to answer your questions you might want to GET A QUOTE, give us a call or send a text to (914)720-7741.  We will get back to you with an accurate price as soon as we can.


Contract: Once you have received a quote and you wish to book we will send you an electronic contract which you can fill out from your computer or smart phone. The process takes less than 2 minutes and there is no need to print anything or send via regular mail. Once contract is received we will put your event on our calendar.

Payment: Once the agreement has been completed, a deposit is required. This can be sent by ZELLE, or by sending a check or money order. The balance is due the date of the event in cash, or by zelle. (we do not take personal checks as final payment)

On the date of the event: Often times customers wish to surprise a person. If this is the case, we would call you or text you once we have arrived at the address you provided, so you can came out and lead us to the entrance. You may do this yourself or you can send a friend, family member or an employee. If it is winter time we might need a small space, where we can't be seen, to get ready and have the instrument acclimatize to the room.

If the event takes place at work, you need to let security know that we are coming, and preferably give them our names so that they know who they are expecting, where we are going and for what reason. This makes the process a lot easier.


If you still have questions, please call us or send us a text to (914)720-7741

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