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Mariachi Citlalli is a mariachi band for hire in the area of New York, New Jersey and CT, for us it will be an honor to be part of your event, and we will do our best to help you and make what you've planned happen.

Whether you need the mariachi for a wedding, birthday party, corporate event or any other event, you've chosen the best mariachi band for the job! Get a quote right now, to make sure we are still available for your event date.

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The highlight of the party!
We couldn't have asked for a better Mariachi band for the party, they were on time, prepared, creative, flexible and played/sang beautiful music from beginning to end.

Fanny Krivoy

Totally worth it!
I hired Mariachi Citlalli for a surprise wedding proposal and I am more than pleased with what I've got. They always answered fast to my emails, they were totally motivated when discussing the plan, they had no problem at all with the playlist I asked and played it perfectly. They arrived on time, charged me a fair price. The clothes, the music and the voices were spotless. In the end they even surprised me when they explained something to my fiancé in German!

Arturo M.

The best Mariachi band you can hire
I absolutely loved how Mariachi Citlalli came to my event full of love and desire to make my grandmas birthday perfect. They sounded great and took songs we requested. My grandmother was super happy and emotional. I’m super thankful for you guys and will RECOMMEND you guys for everything!!

Megan F

As you can see, you are in the right place to hire a Mariachi band. But please, do not procrastinate; we are one the busiest mariachi bands in the New York metro area and every month books fast and books completely. Please click the bottom below to verify that we are available for your date before it gets taken: Please let us show you why so many customers choose our services and why many clients love our customer service. Book today and we will do all we can in order for your event to be a success!

Is your mariachi band near me?

Yes, and even though we might not live a few blocks from your house, due to the nature of our work, local for us means this map. So, if your city appears on this map below, to us you are local and you have nothing to worry about. But just in case, here is the list of cities we can travel to in the state of New York. Remember if your city doesn't appear here just send us a text and we will let you know if we can visit it.

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